4U is astudent-led organisation that is best defined by its 4 pillars:


Uplift - we will do our best to bring you up towards a positive state, giving you confidence and helping you realize how great you are

Unite - uniting Nations as a community, building bridges between year groups, teachers and students, and peers. Our goal is to make this a school where no-one feels left out.

Understand - through our peer counseling and the support of younger students by older ones, we try to provide each student with a unique approach to whatever they are struggling with. We find specific solutions catering to your issues in order to make you feel understood and listened to because sometimes a listening ear is all you need.

Undertake - we do the work that others do not dare to do, approach those who are left behind, stay back for those at different speeds. We promise to help you to the best of our abilities.

If you remember one thing about us and what we do, remember this: we are here for you.

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Geneva, Switzerland