The goal of the project is to share our passion for photography with other students. To do this, the team of Chiara Di Filippo, Geraldine Austine & Davide Serrao run classes where we teach students the basics of photography, which will then allow them to take better pictures with their cameras.


There is an offer of monthly competitions so that students can share their own pictures that can be published on the clubs official Instagram page and school screens.


to contact the team or submit your own photos:

At both lunchtimes on a Friday afternoon, the Pride Alliance meet in Mr Parry's room (301) in order to make people in the MYP more comfortable with LGBT+ topics, help create freedom and donate to an LGBT+ group. This is all run by Kummi, Patricia & Khuslen.


For further information please get in touch with:

Pride Alliance
International Youth Film Festival

The International Youth Film Festival is an event to be held in the summer of 2018, specifically on June 23rd. The aim of the festival is to encourage the creative development of young people.


For more information about participation or organising, contact Patricija Glovackaite at:

In room 503, on Mondays at:


15:35 - 16:15 for Year 9's & 10's

12:30 - 13:15 for Year 11's & 12's


Fiona Ball and Shreya Sachdev hold debate and forensics to train and prepare the Nations team to bring to the SBIS Debate and Forensics competition in April 2018, which is a competition that Nations has a history of winning. 


If you want to develop your public speaking skills contact:

Debate & Forensics

Geneva, Switzerland