debate and public speaking club

debate and public speaking club


Have you ever delivered a speech in front of others? Do you want to improve your speaking skills? Do you have a passion for creating and delivering a speech in front of others? Do you want to develop your communication skills? Join the Debate and Public Speaking Club!

We’re back stronger than ever! Every single year, our team has won 1st place in the annual Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS) competition. Whether it’s debating, delivering speeches, or the oral interpretation of literature, the Campus des Nations team represents the benchmark for Swiss public speaking. 

Nevertheless, this year is different - for the first time in Nations history, the club is being organised by students - students that have participated in the SGIS competitions and understand how the annual event works, students that are specialised in given areas of the competition and that are committed to teaching you the necessary skills to become confident in public speaking. 

We are genuinely excited to invite all MYP and DP/CP students to join the club and learn something new! If you’re interested in participating, email and come to room 501 on Tuesday from 16:15 to 17:15. 

Don’t worry if you feel worried or think that you aren’t good at speaking in front of a crowd, we are here to help you feel more confident and improve your communication skills. If you’re unsure, come anyway and see what it’s like! We hope that you can join us this year and help us win yet another trophy!


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Geneva, Switzerland