the fashion show
the fashion show

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This year the Nations' Fashion Show Committee is made up of (from left to right) Ian Clements, Matthew Houlden, Jialong Kang, Nous'che Daniels, Catherine Knight, and Sophie Gunneberg. In September 2018, we got together and started planning for the show. We first had to assign roles: Nous'che would be the leader, Cathy in charge of the charity, Ian and Jialong working on the design aspects of the show and Matthew on music and Sophie on choreography. However, throughout the process, we more or less worked together and scrapped these roles pretty quickly. Although, when it came to the organization of brands and boutiques, we felt that delegation was the best option. Ian worked on Doodah, Fier by Andrea and 242. Matthew worked on Doodah and 242. Jialong worked on Fier by Andrea, Jeans and Jackets and Purple and Gold Rain. Nous'che worked on Doodah, Fier by Andrea and 242. While Cathy worked on Bauhinia, Frigantes and Purple and Rain, along with organizing the other performances. And last, but certainly not least, Sophie worked on Tranzport, and UNHCR - Made 51.


In September we began planning the annual nations fashion show, and we are incredibly proud of all the work we have put into what we think is an amazing celebration of fashion, individuality and creativity.

All of our profits are going to be donated to Medecins Sans Frontière and UNHCR - Made 51. But aside from this, our other goal for this fashion show was to do our part in fighting fast fashion, by promoting local, independent brands and boutiques in Geneva. Today, the fashion industry has become a major social and environmental issue, being the second largest global producer second only to oil, and employing millions of people in developing countries and forcing them in a cycle of poverty, working in dangerous and often life-threatening conditions. Although clothes may appear to be cheaper to us,  in reality, someone else, somewhere far away is paying the real price. As this years fashion show committee, as students, and as children, we urge all of you to educate yourselves, buy fewer new clothes from big international brands that exploit their workers, and learn to appreciate the clothes you own. #whoMadeMyClothes



Overall, it has been a pleasure to continue the Nations' Fashion Show tradition and we look forward to seeing how it evolves under future year 12's. Thank you all for making this a great experience, this year's show would not have been possible without your support. - The Team

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Geneva, Switzerland