the gender equality conference

This year, Nations hosted the Gender Equality Conference in hopes to encourage conversation on this important issue. 8 incredible speakers attended - Leyla Hussein, Ruth Ibegbuna, Aletheia Casey, Yetnebersh Ngussie, Pip Stewart, Petra Volpe and Keren Goldstein. There were workshops in the morning and a round table with all the speakers and two student moderators in the afternoon. The conference would never have been possible without the dedication of many students who spent their time preparing for it and making sure it went well on the day. The organizers are also incredibly grateful to the funding they received from the Secondary Arts Department and the help from the English Department, Brigitte and of course, the marvellous Mr Deighan and Lola Robledo for hosting the speakers. They hope to recreate a conference like this next year...maybe mental health this time...:)


NationsVoice collaborated with the La Chat Update to shoot interviews with each speaker individually - they will be up on this page and under Speaker Interviews as soon as possible and we are extremely excited about them!

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Geneva, Switzerland