The Group 4 project is a 3-day-science adventure that all IB students around the world have to complete in Year 12. The year is divided into groups of 4 students who have to come up with an original idea for a science project and carry it out for the first 2 days. On the 3rd day, there is a science fair for kids in primary (and parents) to have a look at what the Year 12s have been doing. It's really nothing to worry about - not graded or assessed in any way - just 3 days of fun, really. Among the responsibilities of each group there is also the making of an "Explainer" video - a 1 minute clip explaining their experiment. You'll find explainers from past years below, to give you an idea of what the project entails. 

group a
natural dyes
group j
borax crystals
group h
kinetic sand
group g 
healthy ice cream
group k
group s
dangers of vaping
group h
group l
group u
hair gel
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