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Kognity, for the IB students, is the perfect place to get your textbooks online in order to prevent the hassle of carrying them physically home.   

ManageBac, for all MYP students, is the main place teachers put their homework. So if you're confused about a task, check ManageBac. Also it's a great place to store all your SA, CAS & SL.

Lucidpress, is a web-based desktop publishing software that is used to create brochures, flyers, newsletters, business cards, posters and magazines. 

Lucidchart, is a web-based service that allows you to collaborate and work with your friends in real time to create flowcharts, organisation charts, website wireframes, mind maps, software prototypes and many other diagram types. 

Everyone at Lanterna graduated from the IB with 40+ points. They support IB students worldwide through revision and IB preparation coursesonline tuition and workshops. Their website is full of great tips and free resources to help current students meet their IB goals

Smartbacc, is an IB Revision booklet online that can be accessed anywhere at any time. The application contains but is not limited to documents, audio, graphics, images, video and other material. 

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