Year 7 - 11, The Golden Years

Animal Protection

Every first Tuesday and Thursday on the month in Mr Marrables room, the Animal Protection Club meet in order to create a team of students from different years to help animals as much as they possibly can at the animal shelter in Gex.


Chloe D., Savi and Claire run the club and for more information contact:

In order to raise awareness for water, in terms of how to keep it clean, how not to waste it and the fact that many people are now as privileged as us meaning they don't have easy access to clean water, Team blue meet in the Library at first break.


The team includes; Arine Atabekian, Aurora Aureli, Josephine Van Pappelendam, Dhitee Goel, Anusha Prasad & Natascha Eldridge.


For more information on Team Blue contact:

Team Blue
Green Team

In order to promote environmental friendly awareness with the school, the green team patrol organises events in school and advertises local events for the environmental awareness for everyone.


It's run by Manami, Tara, Francesca & Emily. 


For more information contact:

In room 503, on Mondays at:


15:35 - 16:15 for Year 9's & 10's

12:30 - 13:15 for Year 11's & 12's


Fiona Ball and Shreya Sachdev hold debate and forensics to train and prepare the Nations team to bring to the SBIS Debate and Forensics competition in April 2018, which is a competition that Nations has a history of winning. 

If you want to develop your public speaking skills contact:

Debate & Forensics

4U is students helping students, which is to say the aim is to welcome and support students through problems and conflicts and any other help that is needed. 

If you want to contact any 4U student, with any concerns please contact:

In Mr Shaw's room (510) on Monday's after school (3:40 - 4:40), is a place where you can learn new coding languages and collaborate on projects.


This club is run by Aude Dufour, Ahnaf Rahman and Luca Mehl. For more information about the club contact:

Coding Club
WWF Nations

WWF Nations is a Service Action that aims to raise awareness of the importance of our ecosystems.


The team of Eva Shimkus, Luka Stojanovik and Etjan Vidic Grobler meet Tuesday lunchtime (1:15 - 2:00) in room 422. For more information contact:

The Nations Amnesty International Youth Club meets every Tuesday from 12:50 - 13:10 and from 15:35 - 16:05 in the secondary library next to the librarians to discuss cases of human rights abuse and counter these issues to our best ability.


Feel free to attend either of our meetings and help bring justice to the ones who suffer for a freer and fairer world.

For more information contact: &

Nations AIYC

Geneva, Switzerland