As most people are aware, there is now a new Student Council in Campus des Nations. What many don't know is how one new female student managed to convince us Year 12s to vote for her and represent us after a rather rocky start with her classmates. Take a look at her speech and understand how, by admitting to her errors and laughing them off, she managed to win us over.


When I was in Year 6, I got called to the principal's office. Why? Because I had written an angry letter to the owner of the school cafeteria telling him that their food was disgusting and the prices were too high. Trust me the food was bad and I did not intend on paying for it, therefore I wrote a letter and put it in the ‘offers box’. The owner got angry with me and I had to apologize to him, but after that the food actually improved and I got the reputation of the girl, who is not afraid to speak up.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here I am standing in front of you, Patricija Glovackaite and it would be my honour to represent each one of you in the student council.

When thinking of why I am the #PERFECT candidate, I decided to present myself in my most-outstanding qualities (not saying they are all good).

So, here it goes:

  • 50% of me is a risk-taker&communicator

  • 30% is a hard worker

  • 7% is a loud speaker/roaster

  • 6% is total arguing

  • 5% is the curly hair and I don’t even have half of the good looks the other candidates have

  • And the final 2% is the weird sign girl

Therefore, to sum it all up I found a quote once told by a very wise man:

“I say what I want to say and do what I want to do. There’s no in between. People will either love you for it or hate you for it.”

These golden words were told by Eminem himself. The man knew what he was saying. Nonetheless, I am that person who will say and do whatever there is to be done, in order to represent everyone sitting in this room. I am capable of organising events and changing things for the better. I can promise you more events such as movie nights, field trips, bake sales, holiday grams and even homecoming/winter balls. The point is that, I am doing this because I want to, not for the perfect college application, I am doing this for you. It’s my choice as much as it is yours.

Therefore, Vote for me I’m the right choice, Vote for me I’ll be your VOICE!

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