Hyères trip Year 12

On an early Sunday morning on the 17th of September, a group of grumbly 16years old were forced out of bed and were driven to school. By 8.30, the school parking lot was filled with cars, suitcases and spare jackets. Soon after, the 90 students boarded on the two buses bringing us to our destination of Hyères. The first few hours were filled with excitement, loud music, card games and laughter however soon after, the long journey began taking its toll. Thankfully, numerous stops were made along the way and interjected the nine hour long journey. We were lucky enough to be able to avoid a hospital trip (unlike a certain prior year group…) After the nine hour journey in the now stuffy buses, we arrived at our destination and were welcomed at our residence for the week. We were presented the different sections of the resort, including two volleyball pits, a few baby foot areas, a cafeteria and attached balcony and a beach at our doorstep. The activities of the week included; catamaran, stand up paddling, “big mama”, windsurfing, bicycling and beach walks. Unfortunately, the first two days were rainy hence making the wind surfing a rather unpleasant sigh and home to complaints and shivers. Luckily, the weather soon warmed up and the days greatly improved. Late afternoons usually entailed free time, allowing us time to lounge in the hammocks, or play volleyball along the sand pits. However Friday soon came, and we were forced to pack away our belongings, of which many were strewn across the resort, broom the sand from all the floors (an impossible task) and rejoin our two buses. The ride home was much less vibrant, tired from our week of outdoor activities and lack of sleep, most slept the seven hour journey back till we reached the parking place of Nations. It was generally a week of fun, bonding and enjoyment and ensured that the year remained as tight knit as possible!


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