The recent Apple Keynote on Wednesday brought many exciting new products; including the Apple Watch Series 3, a new version of Apple TV, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and the already infamous iPhone X, or iPhone 10. This very much anticipated release has been nicknamed the iPhone Xpensive, due to its starting price of $ 1000. This article will cover the new iPhone’s top 5 new features.

The sharpest display ever on an iPhone:

The iPhone X features a colorful OLED display with more than 2 million pixels. This means sharper image for reading, scrolling, texting and liking, and more impressive video playback. The best part of the display of the iPhone X is that the screen runs from edge to edge so you get a bigger viewer area without having to carry around a larger phone. For those of us who thought the 7 Plus was too large but needed a little more than the 7, this is the perfect marriage of the two sizes.

Facial Recognition:

Something that Apple has finally caught onto is facial recognition; you can register your face on your iPhone so that it automatically unlocks when you look at it. We have seen this before in phones such as the Galaxy S8 and several models of computers (not Apple models). However, Apple claims that its face unlock uses 3-D imagery that’s even more secure. Furthermore, according to Apple, this method of unlocking your phone is safer than fingerprint locks.


This ties into facial recognition but I think we can agree that it deserves its own spot on the list. Apple developed new “Animoji” that allows you to create short clips of your own emotions and send then as emojis to friends and family. With the help of Apple facial recognition tool, they claim that Animoji works with whatever emotion and whichever emoji. The way the facial recognition tool works is that over 30,000 little dots scan your face and learn the “blueprints” of your face. Apparently the tool should adapt even when you wear a hat, glasses or even if you grow a beard.

Wireless Charging:

The iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are the first iPhones to support wireless charging. Qi (protocol), the standard Apple chose, is typically very slow. However, Apple has the power to bring wireless charging pads everywhere, from restaurants to retail stores. Apple says it’s still working on perfecting some of the details of the wireless tech. IKEA, surprisingly also has some form of wireless charging (and has had for quite some time). Their system works a little differently, it is less portable but the “Single Pad for Wireless Charging” (below) is most likely less expensive than the Apple option. The image next to the Single Pad is a table lamp with a wireless option, which is a very different approach to wireless charging, nevertheless, Apple has some catching up to do.

Brand New Cameras:

The iPhone X has a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens and a second telephoto lens for zooming. Apple says it offers huge improvements over the cameras we saw in the iPhone 7 Plus, which was the first to offer a telephoto lens. This special lens can produce some extraordinary pictures which were displayed during the Keynote on Wednesday; photographers will really love this phone! Also expect to see less shaky videos (for those of us who just can’t film with a steady hand) furthermore, pictures in low light will be greatly improved in quality, and there should be many more advantages from this new lens.

Moreover, a new front-facing “TrueDepth” camera is capable of taking those fancy portrait shots that debuted on the iPhone 7 Plus, which create a blurred background effect that looks more professional. Along with this feature, there are many different settings so that you can change the light and focus, depending on what photo you want!

These features seem amazing and offer a new way to interact with your phone. The price tag is major so what do you think, is the iPhone X worth it?

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