Video extract from Richard Moore's speech given at Campus des Nations Wednesday 11, October 2017.


Richard Moore was born on 12th July 1961 in Northern Ireland. When he was ten years old he was shot and blinded by a rubber bullet fired at close range by a British soldier. Mr Moore founded the charity “Children In Crossfire” in 1996. Based in Northern Ireland, it helps with projects in Africa, Asia and South America focusing on issues affecting children e.g. providing access to clean water, food, health and education. In 2006 he met and befriended Charles, the soldier that shot and blinded him.

The clip you are about to shows Mr. Moore talking about his childhood and how he lived among the conflict areas of Northern Ireland in the 60s. He will touch upon events such as Bloody Sunday and give his personal statement as to how he lived that memorable day and the months following the catastrophe, including the day he was blinded by a British soldier.

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