Year 7&8 Spring Ball

As you may know, the Spring Ball took place on the 13th of April. For those who don’t

know, the Spring Ball was an event organized by the StuCo for Year 7s and 8s to have an evening of festivity in the form of a dance. I had the pleasure of attending such an event! The evening started at 18:00 with the live band performing some calmer songs to which everyone chose to raid everything and eat all the snacks as people slowly started to arrive. I’d like to point out that, to this celebration, everyone came in amazing attire, I truly admire how well everyone dressed. Though, from the information I gathered, many regretted coming so dressed up since after dancing so much, they felt uncomfortable in such fussy dressing.

Personally, I enjoyed how the Year 12s took song recommendations as the night went on, since we got to dance to our favorite songs. This did come with the disadvantage that many do not have an extensive music taste and felt the need to complain, but otherwise, I

felt the night went well music-wise. As the evening went on, the atmosphere changed, it went from this awkward ‘am I meant to dance?’ to ‘I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m doing it’. The live band sat back and our recommended music started playing, and that’s when everyone really started loosening up. The ambience was so vehemently strong that it was hard to hear people speaking at times, even when a microphone was in use. Sure, there were a few unplanned mishaps throughout the night, but it didn’t affect the quality of this gala. I had the most fun I have had in a while and so did my friends. I think many people weren’t sure what they were doing there at the start, but everyone seemed to find something they enjoyed and everyone had fun, despite whatever insignificant issues may have come up.

I know the Year 12s worked very hard to provide us with the Spring Ball. Year 7s and 8s don’t get included in everything, but the Year 12s made sure we weren’t left out. No matter how tedious preparing the Spring Ball may have been, they still went through with it. I can’t even imagine all the work that went into preparing this event, and I really admire that someone remembered the Year 7s and 8s when it comes to these kind of events. The night might not have gone perfectly as intended, but we had great fun and it took our minds off anything that might have been bothering us. Not only for me, but for many others, this was the first school dance we ever went to, believe it or not. I’m a Year 7, straight out of PYP, and for the short time I’ve been in MYP, I have realized, many events are Year 9 and up. The Spring Ball was more than just a dance to us, it felt like some sort of recognition. I sincerely thank everyone who made this possible, and I’m sure everyone who attended feels thankful as well.

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