Your First real CHOICE

So, you FINALLY made it to Year 11, it wasn’t that hard, right? However, now you’re faced with choosing between ex-mandatory subjects.

Posing three questions to yourself:

  • Are you actually going to enjoy them?

  • Are they WORTH taking?

  • Will they affect your future? (you have time - trust)

Let’s start with the ARTS!

Drama, which is taught by Mr Close. Is still all fun and games but you learn more about certain aspects of theatre art. For example, the different acting styles that are there, how they were invented and who created them.

Art, taught by Mr. Worth. As always, allows the personal freedom to create to your heart’s desire, if you’re looking to express yourself in whatever medium, you know how.

Music, Mrs Krake takes over. However, unlike in your past MYP days, it’s more personal work, causing the exploration of musical talent and ideas due to the added freedom.

Moving on to that 3rd choices. Presented with two new courses never heard of until now, never been able to even comprehend until now and of course, the other two which are the same old same old but now you actually have a choice.

Spanish/Chinese, amazing subjects that you’ve been taking since Year 7, which is when they were first introduced. The two subjects that introduced the idea of subject choice when you first entered the MYP. Do you take this third language, on top of French and English? Yes, of course, because you enjoy languages and it may be easy.

International Relations, for the humanitarians out there, the ones who enjoy Individuals and Societies and the ones who are searching for that deeper understanding of today’s world. Though the class has been said to be intense, due to all the information that is being discovered, as well as demanding because it’s something fresh and new. It's so worth the time for anyone confused about concepts of today's world as well as a growing curiosity.

3rd Science, for the scientific minds who absolutely adore science and just can’t pick between the three. Though taking all three will be challenging, it’ll be fun cause it’s all new and exciting. The bonus is the fact that all three sciences interlink at some point or another.

Film, for the ones who are always watching movies and have secretly always wanted to create one. This is your head start because it’s not just about being handed a camera, it’s about learning who to do with it, in terms of getting that artist shot that portrays more into the story. It’s about letting your ideas come to life, in a motion picture for people to appreciate and see.

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