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all of the possible tutors below can be contacted via their school email addresses - aka name.lastname@learning.ecolint.ch. it is up to you and your tutor to decide whether the tutoring is purely for CAS or whether they will be paid (and how much).   keep scrolling down to find the right tutor for you!

Luca mehl

I'm willing to tutor one or two year 11/12 students as my schedule allows. I'm taking HL: Math, Physics, Geography. Let me know if you're interested.



I can tutor Years 7 to 11 for History, English (essay writing, reading comprehension, analysis etc) and Biology.

Jialong kang

I am a year 13 student who can tutor in Maths, English, Physics and Volleyball.

aabis naqvi 

I am year 13 student willing to tutor in biology (at IB higher or standard level). Please contact me if you would like more information :)

I am happy to tutor years 7 to 10 in Science, English, French (levels beginner to intermediate) and Art.

Since I received the DELF B2 Diploma, I can tutor people in the grades below in French, but I am also available for Design/Art and English.

I can help with English (fluency and analysis), History (learning dates, essay writing, study techniques) and LAMDA exams 

I can help you with Physics, Maths and Chemistry, and  Economics if you're taking it at Standard Level. 

Farah mahmudlu

ahnaf rahman

amelie fyfe

Sophie gunneberg

nicolas kutch

I am a year 13 student who can help you with HL Physics and Chemistry, and SL Maths and Geography. I can also help for language acquisition and essay writing in French and English at any level ( I'm a native speaker of both), and basic conversational Spanish.

I am a Year 12 student and would like to offer my services as a tutor of English and History for Years 7-11, and HL Economics for any Year 11 that would like to take it for their DP course.

As an IB Diploma student taking HL Maths Analysis and Approaches, Physics and Chemistry, I can offer help with revision and homework as well as touching on DP content for those of you who want to be challenged! I am happy to meet regularly or only during a couple of weeks when you are preparing for an important assessment.

I am a year 13 student, and I'm currently studying Maths, Chemistry and Biology at HL. I would be happy to tutor students during the school year, or the summer holidays. Let me know if you are interested! :)

Radinka Siddiqi

Yonnou KIm

Dhitee Goel

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