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Short story by Anaya Chavda

The whale. The way she moved was the most incredible thing. She glided on the surface

of the water with such flow in her body, she was so flexible. However, she looked quite


We swam toward her as she went underwater when she suddenly stopped moving. We

saw what happened and it was very disappointing. She had a large cut on the top of her

fluke. It looked like something or even someone had cut her, the cut was so fine but had

lots of dirt on it. We also saw that a piece of coral was tangled on her but when we went

closer to her something/someone tugged on it and disentangled her fluke from the

coral. It was very unusual!

We disbelieved it...! Of course we were about to go check behind the coral when we

realised that one of our scuba diving group members disappeared into a thick wall of

bubbles that we could not see through. We frantically searched for him when the

whale’s body somehow disseminated. I, personally, did not know how a body can

disseminate in the course of a few minutes, especially an animal’s body. All at once, one

of our group members came back with someone who looked identical, but we could still

distinguish them. This day was getting worse and worse as time went on, it was also

getting confusing...

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