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The Real

Love yourself

Love yourself

Love yourself

(-then repeat)


A letter to my future daughter

(Lessons from the real women in my life)

1. Broken, those girls are not cool

2. Oblivious, those boys don’t understand

3. Your capability is limited in the hands of others

4. Don’t let their words leave scars on your wrists

5. No means no, no matter how much he craves for you to say yes

6. Gain friends by forgiving them

7. Lose them by reminding them of where they went wrong.

8. Your body is not to give away or to be earned it is yours to keep

9. Powerless, you can’t let whispers gnaw at your heart

10. Try, you can't drink all your thoughts

11. Cry, it's normal and allowed

12. You can’t let others appreciate you until you are able to appreciate yourself

13. If you feel like the teenage years are not the best of your life, that's ok.

14. Know that your body will do miraculous things for you and you have to appreciate that

15. It will be okay and will get better if you let it.


A lesson from Lisa

Every time you go through a door I want you to transform


Into the beautiful confident woman you are

S P R E A D your wings

Embrace your space


Your crooked unique smile

Your protruding beautiful curves

Your cadaverous delicate complexion


Your Body

And with it all the love you thought had sunk so deep you would

never fish back

(Little did you know that they kept you drowning under the water for

so long

You learnt how to breathe)

Anchor the love back to you


Keep it safe locked away in your heart

Store it in a place so deep no one will ever take it again.

Learn that this love is yours to keep and not to give away

Learn to love yourself before trying to love anyone else

Learn to not be a stranger in your skin but a native who knows all the

routes and secret passages, which make your body so

S P E C I A L.

So the next time you see a door

Imagine your biggest inspiration

What about her inspires you?

Walk stride through that door

Become that inspiration

Acquire those attributes

Be the woman you always knew you could be

Only then will you realize

Your genetics aren’t imperfect the media is fake

Your body isn’t ugly, society is twisted

Those girls aren’t right they are simply toxic

True inspiration comes from the real.

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