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Where my happiness lies

I look over, eager and diligent to see that magnificent white, shimmering crystal color

My favorite flower, smooth as ever and just as delicate

A color so graceful, so elegant, so exquisite that it becomes irresistible

That white is not just white; the white reminds you of a precious newborn swan, right about to take off

Or a dove, that has just fallen in love with the sky and the journey it’s about to embark on

As well as a wedding dress, about to witness the happiest and most beautiful day of a woman’s life

But suddenly, a mortifying vision passes my eyes

The white that I dream of every night, the white that keeps me safe from the dangers of the outside world and the white that lets me stay at peace with myself as well as society

The white that I have known so long, the enchanting and magical glow

Is no longer there.

I feel a small pinch in my chest as all the memories of staring at these snowdrops with my children come rushing back to me

This can’t be. I think to myself.

Unexpected Ways

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