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  • Amma Tenkorang

Calling all Theater lovers!

Lulwa Naman has written her very own musical called “Partners in LIME”.

The plot in a nutshell is about a young woman named Lexi Davis who is nearing the end of her career as a hit-woman for her very own assassin organization, LIME. (Lexi's International Masters of Espionage), which is committed to only executing the guilty. We begin at the end, with Lexi finding Zach, an innocent man caught up in the chaos of two competitive underground teams. She tells him the story of another final 87th assassination.

Lexi discovered a new client and is eager to kill Mr. Astor (a world-renowned director for the stage) for kidnapping her favorite artist: Michael Jackson. Directing Astor's new musical and constantly in the rehearsal room, this kill seems to be the hardest of all. Fighting the urge to work alone, she decides to recruit a partner for Project Harmony, but realizes her team is full of incompetent players. Suddenly, Lucy A Bond, a mastermind hit woman and an old friend emerges in the scene and offers her help. Lexi is thrilled and quickly joins forces with her, failing continuously to save the pop star. Lexi finds out Lucy is not who she says she is. It all comes down to LIME'S original assassins to save the day.

You can also find the plot as well as more information about this musical by clicking the link.

Lulwa was inspired to write a musical to raise money for the Mwazwe Foundation. Her goal is to help them in a mission to purchase a school bus for the students, since children as young as four-years-old need to walk alone to the school. Funds raised will also contribute to building a new campus in a more rural area of Zambia.

“I am a Simply Theatre alumna and I am inspired by the dramatic arts. I write everything from poetry and plays to short stories and novels. This project is definitely my most exciting one yet. Thank you to Simply Theatre for letting us use the space to make a difference.” - Lulwa.

Lulwa’s brainstorming process involved many friends who were recently involved in a production of The 39 Steps by John Buchan. Following the common theme which musicals take on, they pondered the protagonist’s profession for the plot to revolve around. Despite her play being about a dark concept, it is filled with comedy as well as romance.

For anyone who is interested in writing their very own musical, here are some tips and advice that Lulwa would like to give you.

“I would recommend having good connections. What I realized is that having ties with other students and teachers in my environment has helped me bring this production to life. It is more challenging to assemble a team when you’re not surrounded by incredible talents. Always be kind to others, as you never know when they will ask for your talents to shine alongside them.”


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