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Highlights of This Year's History Bee and Bowl

On Sunday, the 31st of March, a group of Nations students woke up early to compete in the IHBB (International History Bee and Bowl) which was held at College du Léman.

The day was spent answering University Challenge style questions, as well as getting to know students from other schools with a joint interest in world history.

In the Bowl, students in groups (with a maximum of 6 people) categorized by age (Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Senior Varsity) competed in five rounds to determine the winner of each category (with a few crossover games as well).

As a participant in this year’s Bee and Bowl, I would recommend this competition for knowledgeable Individuals & Societies enthusiasts or anyone interested in meeting new people from other schools.

Above, the Nations Junior Varsity and Varsity Teams compete in the Bowl final. (From the right: Aleksy Strzembosz, Jeremy Nugroho, Andrew Kinghorn, Allan Hatem, Daniel Coates.)

Many Nations students discovered the coffee machine and promptly began to drink multiple cups of coffee as an attempt to “be more awake”, resulting in hyperactivity and an uncontrollable tendency to press the buzzer at random.

Above, the Middle School team making use of the free coffee. (From the right: Jack Leech, Lucía Guzmán Rodríguez, Eva Shimkus.)

The History Bee and Bowl also provides apt opportunity to mock your teammates’ historical knowledge (or lack thereof) and brag about the “super difficult” questions you guessed without knowing the answer for a fact.

Final results from Campus des Nations:

Eva Shimkus, Lucía Guzmán Rodríguez, and Jack Leech - 3rd in the Middle School Bowl

Daniel Coates and Allan Hatem - 2nd in the Junior Varsity Bowl

Aleksy Strzembosz and Jeremy Nugroho - 1st in the Varsity Bowl

Eva Shimkus and Lucía Guzmán Rodríguez - Qualified for European Championships

Allan Hatem - 2nd in the Middle School Bee

Daniel Coates - 2nd in the Junior Varsity Bee

Jeremy Nugroho- 2nd in the Varsity Bee

Aleksy Strzembosz - 1st in the Varsity Bee


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