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Intent and Impact: Anti-discrimination initiative

Hi, Nations!

We are a group of students from the Students’ Anti-Discrimination Committee who will be hosting an interactive webinar on the 10th of February at 17h45 via Google Meet.

This webinar will centre around the theme of Intent and Impact in dialogue which is available/applicable to all students, teachers, and parents at Nations. We will discuss subjects such as what this term means, its importance, and how it could affect our relationships. Not only will we be providing information and examples, but there will be plenty of time for discussion as well where you will be encouraged to pitch in.

This webinar will expand your knowledge and lead you to think about what our actions really mean and how they affect others.

Here's the google meet link to use on the date:

We hope you can join and do not hesitate to contact: if you have any further questions.

Kindest regards,

The Anti-Discrimination Committee

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