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Lockdowns Effects and its Solutions

Written by Samanyu Gupta and Benito Bumanzi

Covid - 19 has brought many changes to the world, to prevent Covid, all countries have had to go into lockdown. Lockdown is something that came to every person as a surprise and as it had never happened before, people were not aware of how to respond to this type of situation.

Looking at the current situation, since there are various mutations of Covid, there is a very high chance that the country could go under lockdown. So we decided that we would create a website and an animation video on the topic of lockdown. We have analysed various people's behaviour during the lockdown, how they felt and what they were missing in their life. We have explained the major problems which occur during this period of time and also given a few solutions which might keep a person engaged during this period through our own set of experiences. For further information you can visit the website link mentioned below, there is also a link to the animated video.


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