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  • Amma Tenkorang

Mwazwe Concert

Ready for the Mwazwe Concert comeback? We are! On March 3rd at 6pm, the Aula will experience the talent of our students and the support for the Mwazwe Foundation. Book your tickets today at to secure your spot and help underprivileged girls receive education!

Oh Crumbs!

Oh so tempting. Oh too tempting. The muffin was alluringly serene, surrounded by the crumbs of its dead counterparts. Its golden brown dough with spots of blueberry bleeding from the pores of its crus

Dueling Dualities

“Don’t do it!” Ugh, that blasted angel on my shoulder again. Temptation is gnawing at my mind more intensely than ever, and my little imp wants me to stop holding back, let my arm lash out, end it now

Trust to Triumph

When the mind is in fear, And is hounded by evil. When your heart is pierced By the brutal hooves of the devil. When you are shattered, Engulfed in melancholy. When you are in great peril, When you fa


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