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  • Soham Sengupta

Trust to Triumph

When the mind is in fear,

And is hounded by evil.

When your heart is pierced

By the brutal hooves of the devil.

When you are shattered,

Engulfed in melancholy.

When you are in great peril,

When you face hell's flaming pyre,

And still exits of fire,

When your heart turns to stone

And slowly withers,

And then

slowly breaks,

Until you're gone.

When your decline is held adagio

By the devil's licentious ways,

Just do make your light glow

For even the night ends to day.

Just somewhere in yourself,

Do have faith,

As all bad times always tend,

To have a felicific end.

Contend with the devil,

As at the end of the day,

Good always triumphs over evil.

-Soham Sengupta

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