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Nations reusable facemasks have arrived!

Back in November, StuCo launched a competition open to all secondary students to create a design for the school's reusable face masks. The two winning designs, created by Nichelle Sequeira yr 12 (white mask) and Chiara Casalino yr 12 (black and orange mask) were sent off to the manufacturers.

The masks arrived last week and will be sold at school starting on the week of the 15th of March. You can order your own mask using this form.

The masks cost 7CHF each, significantly cheaper than those found in other places around Geneva, such as Manor or Migros.

The masks have been approved by the IFTH (Institut Français du Textile et de l'Habillement). To find more information about the masks safety levels, click on this link.

Keep in mind that although the masks are highly effective in stopping the spread of the virus, they need to be washed after every use at 60°C in order to function properly.

If this was not enough to convince you, some Nations Voice members were able to try on the masks, and we can vouch for their comfort. The masks have a string mechanism that allows you to adjust the ear straps. Say goodbye to sore or raw ears! Show your support by buying a mask for yourself, your family, or your friends!

Disclaimer: The pictures below function as templates to show the design printed on the masks. The real masks do not have this shape.


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