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Participate in any of the 9 Swiss Science Olympiads!

Are you hungry for knowledge? Are you looking to improve your CV? Do you want to be a more competitive applicant for university? Or do you simply just want to show off your intelligence? Then participate in any of the 9 Swiss Science Olympiads! These include:

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Maths

  • Geography

  • Philosophy

  • Informatics

  • Robotics

  • Economics

The only requirements to participate in any of these olympiads are that:

  1. You need to go to school in Switzerland or Liechtenstein

  2. You need to be under 20

  3. You can’t be enrolled in University

Seeing that you are a student at Nations, you meet all the criteria!

IMPORTANT: However, some Olympiads may require you to complete the tests in one of Switzerland’s official languages, for example Biology. Other Olympiads may accept English, for example Economics. Therefore, before you decide to participate, please make sure you have checked the required language for your Olympiad!

There are 4 phases for all olympiads. First, you take the initial test. If you pass, you enter the semi-final. Here you attend workshops run by experts in the field and you may (depending on the Olympiad you are participating in) even be able to attend a camp. Additionally, you also take part in the semi-final test, where if you pass you enter the national round. In the final round, all semi-final winners compete against one another for spots to represent Switzerland in the International Competition of the respective Olympiad.

This is a lengthy and difficult process, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t win the National Finals and represent Switzerland internationally on your first attempt. Taking the initiative to participate in the first round is already worthy of recognition. Furthermore, if you are feeling confident about yourself, you can participate in more than one Olympiad! In fact, you can participate in as many Olympiads as you want. Consequently, if you really want to develop your knowledge and broaden your horizons, try and participate in more than one!

If you want to know more about the Swiss Science Olympiads, go to this link:

Here you will find detailed information regarding the participation process for all the respective Olympiads. Just scroll down and click on the Olympiad you are interested in. Good luck!


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