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Why is confidence so important?

"Be confident!" is one of the most important pieces of advice you can get in your life. But why do people tell you to be confident all the time? I'll explain:

‘What is confidence?’

Confidence is defined as feeling sure of yourself and your abilities. Confidence is believing in yourself, feeling comfortable with your true-self, and knowing you have worth. If you act confident, people will start to believe you. Confidence is attractive, brings success, helps you to connect better with others (which means you can gain sociability) and generally feel happier.

Self-belief is most important for many reasons. The more you trust yourself, the more opportunities you have in life. Believe it or not, we can all achieve what is seemingly impossible. However, to reach your full potential, you must first believe in your ability to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles.

10 ways to gain and maintain your confidence:

  • Have positive mind chatter & believe in yourself

  • Learn to like, respect & love yourself

  • Go outside of your comfort zone & take risks

  • Remain goal orientated & be proud of your achievements

  • Accept compliments

  • Practice self reflection

  • Accept that you and others are not perfect. Allow yourself to make mistakes, but accept responsibility

  • Be happy & know you deserve it

  • Accept who you are

  • Look forward to life & the future

Everyone deserves confidence. Confidence raises your quality of life and with it we will be able to build a happy society. “Be confident!” Now, do you get why people tell you that?

“When you have confidence, you can do anything.”

– Sloane Stevens


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