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7 Steps to Sucess for Year 7's

Welcome to the MYP program!

Only a couple years left before you graduate! I know, having experienced this all myself, that this transition may be a little scary or hard. Don’t worry, below are 7 steps to your success :)

1. Get to know all your teachers.

Your teachers are here to help, so if you have any queries or concerns, approach them. Additionally, forging a good relationship with your teacher could help you in the IB, when they could be the ones predicting your grades! Also, make sure you have their emails somewhere to contact them about homework, concerns or extensions.

2. Get to know your STUCO!

I promise, they’re all super nice and want to help you anyway they can. If you don’t want to talk to them, they have an instagram page where you can leave comments or questions. If the concern is private or embarrassing, DM them!

3. Know the school

All the stairs and different corridors of green can be confusing, so make sure you have multiple copies of your time table, this will tell you what you need to be in when. My advice would be to stick one in your locker and have one in your homework diary.

4. Get a Homework diary

This could just be in your phone, computer but I prefer to write down my homework in a physical homework diary/calendar. Either way, keeping track of assignments and homework is key! From now on, the amount of homework will keep increasing, so make sure you’re organised! :)

5. Get all materials for each class.

Especially in Ms. Mart’s lessons, you NEED all the right materials to avoid detention! But just in general, have a book assigned to each class, have ruler and pencil for math, don’t forget to charge your computer, and actually bring it to class. Also, don’t forget your lunch card!

6. Revise a little bit every week.

If you just learned a difficult theory in Biology, review your notes at home so you understand it in time for your next lesson. Getting used to this style of studying will seriously help you once you have exams.

7. Enjoy your time in the MYP before you have to venture into the diploma program!!


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