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What kind of PROCRASTINATOR are you?

Let’s be honest, we have all fallen into the hands of procrastination, it’s simpler than actually working on that History essay or that Lab Report. We all procrastinate in different ways because SURPRISE we are all different, which means that a particular working or study method your friend does, may not suite you all that well.

To counter the ever-growing issue of procrastination and learn to get your stuff done so you can return to listening to music or Netflix is an image below that provides the information of not only what KIND of procrastinator you are but what study method may suite you best. Just another helpful way to pass school.

This extract was taken from “How to Survive Your First Year of the IB”, a free guide from Lanterna Education. Everyone at Lanterna graduated from the IB with 40+ points. They support IB students worldwide through revision and IB preparation courses, online tuition and workshops.

Their website is full of great tips and free resources to help current students meet their IB goals - check it out here.


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