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A Veteran's Guide to BDN

For both Seniors and Juniors, BDN night is full of friends, fancy dress, and hopefully, fun. From an experienced attendee of BDN, here’s the 411 on how to have a ball next year.

The Mosh Pit

The ring of crazed (relatively drunk) students hurling their bodies towards each other is known as the “mosh pit”. Expect to get punctured by hordes of stilleto’d girls, then thrust around, only to stop when you inevitably stick to the back of a sweat-drenched, white-button-up clad boy. However, research does show the mosh pit to be a cathartic experience - a sweet release of built up tension and anxiety from the gruel of school.

Approach with caution. Keep your wits about you. Limit exposure to 5-minute intervals or risk serious injuries including, but not limited to: sprained ankles, bloodied feet, and bruises.

The Photo Booth

Try as the photographers might, succeeding in snapping a flattering photo in which all the subjects are a) looking at the camera b) not painfully awkward and c) not flailing their lanky limbs can prove challenging.

Help them out by staying still, focusing on the camera (and not on that guy who just spilled water on himself in the corner over there) and let those pearly whites shine. Take a cue from Stuco and bring snacks if you know following these instructions will deplete you.

Pro tip: consider the “less is more” philosophy when posting your BDN pics to your social media platform of choice.

The Music

Music at BDN is always a topic of contention, with many claiming the distinct lack of “white people music” as their main gripe against this year’s playlist.

The best way to ensure the DJ plays “Country Roads” is to get your friends from all campuses to fill in the survey sheet. Knowing the masses have spoken, Stuco will have no choice but to add John Denver's banger to their playlist.

If that fails, bribing is also a last-ditch resort, though not recommended.


A savvy BDN-goer knows not to bring adult beverages into the venue, but year after year there are always a handful of rookies who either forget their common sense at home or think they can play the system. No, silly, a bottle of deodorant and a can of beer do not look the same to the bouncers!

Many students recommend the “throw the bottle into a bush in Hobo Park then come back for it later" technique, or the tried and true pre-game. Either way, just don’t bring in any cold ones, giggle juice, hard stuff, mouthwash, or red-eye.

The After Party

So, the dance is over… Now what? For many, it’s time to head back to a friend’s to sleep over, but for others, the night is just getting started.

If you belong to the latter group of party animals, don’t do anything your Mom wouldn’t approve of.

That concludes the underground guide to outsmarting BDN. Keep this expert advice in mind for next year!

(if you want to see more photos of sweaty teenagers click here)


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