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History Bee Recap

The International History Bee and Bowl (IHBB) is an International History Quiz and competition open to all International Schools. Having competitions on a National, European and World level, IHBB holds both team competitions (the Bowl) where students represent their schools in groups, or individual competitions (the Bee) where individual students compete. Students compete in three categories, Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Senior Varsity, all depending on their age.

The IHBB competitions are a great way for knowledgeable students to expand their knowing of history in a fun event which brings together schools in a competitive manner. The style of the competition is similar to Who wants to be a billionaire, Jeopardy and University Challenge, and is a great occasion for students to show their knowledge, learn, and cooperate in their teams, skills which can come very useful in life and post high school studies. An opportunity young passionate historians should not miss!

Last Saturday, March 3rd 2018, our school participated in the IHBB Swiss Championships, hosted by our school, and achieved the following great results:

Bee results (individual competition):

  • Eva Shimkus - Middle School division - Third Place

  • Allan Hatem - Middle School Division - First Place

  • Jialong Kang - Junior Varsity - Second Place

  • Daniel Coates - Junior Varsity - First Place

  • Tom Shimkus - Senior Varsity- Second Place

  • Antonio Pattori - Senior Varsity - First Place

Team (Bowl) results:

  • Varsity Team A (Antonio, Fiona, Mikkel, Aleksy) - 1st Place - qualified for European Championships

  • Varsity Team B (Tom, Philippe, Nathan, Shreya) - Semifinalists - qualified for European Championships

  • Junior Varsity Team (Allan, Jialong, Daniel) - 1st place - qualified for European Championships

  • Middle School Team (Eva, Teodoras, Jack, Lucia, Hiyaw, Olivier) - Semifinalists - qualified for European Championships


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