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IHBB - Nations is Victorious Once Again!

This Saturday, Nations played host to the International History Bee and Bowl competition, a buzzer-based quiz based off American-style bees and University Challenge-style college bowls. The competition is open to Secondary and DP students. This has been our third year hosting this prestigious competition, and we have been taking part in these competitions since 2014.

This year, Nations brought a whopping 16 contestants, more than ever before. While we mostly focused on the older age categories, we were able to bring year 7s, 9s and 11s as well. In most of the competitions we were involved in, we wiped the floor with the competition, and still did very well in those we did not win.

The Nations winners are listed here:

Varsity Bowl (group competition):

  • First place: Nations B

  • Allan Hatem

  • Aleksy Strzembosz

  • Federica Ongaro

  • Vincent Gaudiosi

  • Aidan Cleary

  • Felix Strong

  • Second place: Nations A

  • Daniel Coates

  • Alex Strong

  • Peter de Salis

  • Phillip Hilen

  • Owen Day Clark

  • Cillian Gallery

  • Fourth place: Nations C

  • Radinka Siddiqi

  • Aemilia Pearl Turner

  • Arthur Giboin

  • Mehul Yadav

Varsity Bee (individual competition)

  • First place: Daniel Coates

  • Second place: Aleksy Strzembosz

  • Third place: Cillian Gallery

  • Other Nations finalists

  • Alex Strong

  • Vincent Gaudiosi

  • Philip Hilen

Junior Varsity Bee

  • First place: Allan Hatem

The International History Bee and Bowl is a great opportunity for students to show their knowledge, learn, and cooperate in their teams, skills which can come very useful in life and post high school studies. An opportunity that young passionate historians can’t miss!


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