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Smart but Casual - 5 casual looks with smart pieces

You may have accumulated a few blazers and shirts from previous or upcoming interviews or formal events that now merely sit around in your closet. In this article I’ll be showing you a few ways to make them look more casual in order to wear them more often - for brunch, a day out or even to school. Even though these looks may look put together and thought out, they’re straight forward and don’t require much thought to come up with; and can be accessorised differently, depending on the occasion.


Here we have 2 looks in 1 picture. @_l0velysurprise (right) and her sister are wearing neutral colors in a simple and beautiful way. On the left, Sumayah is wearing a beige blouse over a white turtleneck, with some slightly baggy off white trousers and black Balenciaga sneakers. Rayya (right) is wearing a simple white shirt tucked into some baggy trousers, accessorised with a long white belt; all with white strappy sandals.


You could also wear a blazer the way @tesfayson styled hers -paired with a black turtleneck, black trousers, hi-top vans and accessorised with a long gold necklace. This complements the button on the blazer to make it more classy.


This shirt and trouser combination is the perfect 2 piece for a comfortable but effortlessly stylish and smart look. @cocoaflowerr wears this outfit with golden jewellery that perfectly compliments the cream satin blouse she is wearing with her black, baggy trousers. The satin button up is the main element of this outfit and is what helps her have a fancier flare. You could pair this look with some sandals, heels or a pair of white sneakers, depending on the occasion.


This pinstripe pantsuit can be dressed up or dressed down as seen in this picture. Following the colors of the suit, @_thisisclaire decided to wear a full black & white outfit, complemented by some silver jewellery. She wore this suit with a Carhartt tee and side bag, and finished the look off with some black and white converse ‘one stars’. This outfit is perfect for a semi-fancy outing; pairing the pantsuit with a pair of comfortable and slim sneakers will help you pull this look off and make it look great.


This last look, also worn by @_l0velysurprise is another blazer that is worn with quite simple, relaxed items in order to have a casual look. Once again, we have a black & white look, which has a pop of pink added to it. This black and white blazer paired with a simple white button up shirt and black jeans is the perfect way to wear a blazer on the regular. The pink handbag adds colour to the outfit and makes it more fun. This is another look that can be paired with sneakers or heeled sandals to dress it up, or down.


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