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Tyler, the Creator as a Fashion Influence

Tyler Gregory Okonma, also known as Tyler, the Creator is an American rapper from California. Since his debut in 2007, Tyler has established himself in the industry as a music video director and producer as well as founding his own clothing brand, Golf Wang. After establishing OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All), Tyler’s big break came about as the result of his song and music video “Yonkers”.

The Golf Wang brand is mostly known for their colourful, flamboyant, disputable yet original designs; catering to streetwear, skateboarding, and hip hop enthusiasts. Collections and sold items include clothing, shoes, accessories and formerly skateboards; as of recently, collections also include jackets.

Golf le Fleur Converse November 2018 drop

Despite having evolved into something more minimalistic and simple, Tyler’s style has consistently been very bright and. Tyler’s fashion sense is clearly influenced by the “skateboarding style”, which was formerly seen through his love of Vans and Dickies pants: pieces which he still incorporates in his outfits.

Tyler has always been different than other artists and rappers around him. With mostly controversial lyrics and creatively unique music videos, he set himself apart from other artists of the same genre and paved the way for new alternative hip hop artists. His style stands out in the same way. Moreover, his fans, followers and popular culture in general follow and take inspiration from his style as it is immensely accessible; they were able to recreate Tyler’s looks in a way they cannot with other rappers, who tend to wear designer items.

Beyond his outfits and his collections for Golf Wang, his evolved personal style can also be seen through his most recent music videos, through which we can observe the clear minimalistic and vivid style.

“See you again” music video

Tyler’s style has evolved throughout the years into something more minimalistic and classic but has always been and stayed colourful and accessible to all. Skateboard influence stayed visually present in his designs all while he was able to elevate it and create pieces most would appreciate. From collaborations with Vans to collaborations with Converse, you will always be able to tell if it is designed by Tyler.


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