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Why You Should Join 4U!

The school with the green floors, the sprawling bamboo and the fox mascot that always seems to be hanging around! These iconic elements are so familiar to us nations students. However, do you remember the time when this “normal” was strange and alien? The time you first pulled into the school parking lot, when you first entered the welcome desk and climbed the daunting concrete steps upwards. Although we all experienced this, we often forget that apprehension, that excitement tinged with fear. So what should we do?

I am sure that all of you have heard of 4U and its pillars, but if not let me refresh your memory. 4U is a student-led organisation that is guided and was founded by Mrs Krake and Mrs Rudermann. At its core, 4U is whatever the student body needs it to be; help writing an essay, someone to turn to in times of sadness or loneliness, a safe space that can offer advice or simply listen and of course more. In essence, 4U’s mission is ever changing and evolving with the needs of the students. Nevertheless, there are 4 fundamental pillars which anchor our mandate; these include our goals to Uplift, Unite, Understand and Undertake; (the four “U”s.)

This academic year our school community is expanding which means more students will walk nations halls for the first time. 4U will help ease this transition and integration, however we need your help. 4U has already helped mentor countless students in the PYP and MYP. Nevertheless, we would love to recruit more students so that we can extend our reach and have a greater impact.

So why should you join 4U?

4U is a project that embodies the values that Nations and the IB try so desperately to instill in us; teamwork, relationship building, compassion to name a few. Furthermore, it is central to our community and extremely gratifying. 4U has a tangible impact on people's lives. Our role varies from listening to someone explain the thesis to their English essay, to helping someone else navigate the treacherous waters of academia and social life. Whatever the issue, as a 4U mentor you can have a genuine positive impact on people's lives. Additionally, 4U provides tremendous opportunity for personal growth, development and enrichment. The activities, lessons and life experiences 4U encompasses, allow us to develop skills crucial for the IB, university, the workplace and life in general. For example, we developed our social skills through workshops with Mrs Rudderman that encouraged discussions surrounding active listening and empathy and when creating a presentation for the year 6s (soon to be year 7s) we used our thinking, research and communication skills.

Overall, 4U is a valuable project that has plenty of positive reverberations on our school community, so ask yourself this question: is 4U, for me?

Written by Jasper Harte, on behalf of the 4U team.


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