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6 Outfits to look your best when you're feeling at your worst (Men)

Just because we've all been there


Sunrise Orange

This is a perfect outfit for when you're feeling lazy and dread getting out of that nice, warm, comfy, safety net - aka your bed. This is perfect for the days when it gets sunny, yet it's still -20 degrees...and lets not forget that minimal sleek clear jacket for when your mom tells you to " wear a coat ! "



They See Me Rollin

This is a great outfit for those days when you smartly forgot to set your alarm the night before and have all the time needed to make a properly constructed outfit PSYCH. The combination of the green overcoat, the muted grey turtleneck and simple black trousers allows for a very classy casual outfit. The canvas bag gives an extra element to the outfit to make it go from o to 💯.



Lazy Artist

This outfit is extremely versatile and comfortable. It allows you to look fully dressed in no time with just two items. The retro artsy look goes hand in hand with the ongoing trend of nostalgia right now.



Bad and Boujee Clout

This is a great outfit to stunt in, those chunky shoes gives this look an avant-garde appeal and gives a bit of elevation for us short guys. This muted look can be worn for a fancy friday evening as it combines functionality, practicality and instagramability. Those clout glasses add the perfect amount of cloutness to the outfit.



Basic or Nah

This is a very minimal outfit perfect if you want to find your new style and experiment with new clothing items by playing with proportion. The black contrast perfectly with the white puffer coat. This allows you to stay comfy, yet still look put together.



Formally Relaxed

This outfit combines formal wear and casual wear seamlessly. Why not take out that suit you've only worn once for BDN and pair it with a simple white outfits and vibrant socks for a pop of color. This outfit is the perfect lazy Sunday outfit.



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