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How the 16 personality types fare at school

THE MYERS-BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR, (better known as the 16 personalities test), is an online questionnaire which determines your personality type. from learning your strengths and weaknesses to becoming a better friend, this 12 minute long quiz is definitely worth your time.

​​After taking the test and reading all about your career options and how you will succeed in your future workplace, you may be asking yourself what your personality type has to say about your behavior in school. I just made your life easier.

Remember, I am not a professional, so please do not take out your torches and pitchforks every time you read something you do not quite agree with.

INTJ - The Architect

Let’s face the facts, you love facts. You love telling your peers random information about things that interest you, which is not necessarily them. You find it challenging and useless to have to work with other people on school projects and have probably been told that you “do not handle other people’s feelings very well”. Have no fear INTJ, for soon you will be out of this school filled with inferior ignorami, and out in the real world where despising mortal beings and memorising every single Wikipedia article in existence aren’t that weird!

INTP - The Logician

Similar to INTJ, you are a walking encyclopedia of knowledge in whatever topics spike your interest. You are that person that “didn’t study” for the test but still got full marks.

You tend to be condescending to others, so try not to flaunt your perfect grades in other people’s faces and use your incredibly capable and abstract mind to empathize with, and generally understand other people’s (seemingly absurd and grotesque) feelings.

ENTJ - The Commander

As an ambassador of this amazing, outstanding, hard working, superb personality type, I would like to say that we ENTJs are commonly misunderstood as bossy, over opinionated, and mean. In reality, we are only two of those things. We are bossy because we want to get things done in the most utterly perfect and planned-out manner possible, so we are great group leaders and usually ensure our teammates a triumphant success. We are opinionated because we have a “my way or the highway” attitude towards those who are a distraction to our goals. So what if we are a little insensitive? As long as we remain efficient, anything is possible.

ENTP - The Debater

Ah ENTP, the bubbling pot of debatable questions and fact-based answers. You are always ready to destroy anyone who questions your beliefs. Although you are extremely knowledgeable, you might find it hard to focus in class and pursue your intriguing ideas because you just “don’t feel like it”. Do not give in to your “nah-I’ll-do-it-later” attitude, because if you set your mind to something, you will surely succeed. Just make sure that the “something” you choose is not your terrible taste in puns, because they are just, bad.

INFJ - The Advocate

Inspiring, passionate, and altruistic come to mind when I think INFJ. In fact, you are so nice that other people feel like horrible monsters around you. All you ever think about is helping people, and trying to understand them, which really comes in handy when your friends are going through drama (which is rare, as all your friends are as poetic and sensitive as you are). You probably LIVE for the billion units we have on poetry in English. For some constructive criticism (which you love), try toning it down a bit on the “save the entire world from evil corrupt corporate cat-haters” thing that you tend to do, because you have to realise that the world is not perfect, and neither are you.

INFP - The Mediator

Guided by your staggering morality, you crave an ideal school where the caf meals are free and everybody loves SA/CAS/SL. But that ain’t gonna happen INFP! Look past your concerningly deep and selfless thoughts and notice that we all have a different idea of what is morally right or wrong, and that your ideal society is not everyone’s ideal society. Just think of the cruel and immoral ENTJs!

ENFJ - The Protagonist

You are a real people-pleaser, ENFJ. You are friends with everyone, and have a tendency to pretend you are friends with people who you do not like just so that they have someone to talk to. Geez, you diplomats are way too nice. Even though you try to be a kind person, you can’t help but be interested in the drama and politics of our school. It’s okay ENFJ, we won’t judge you! (Unless of course, we’re talking about ENTP, but that’s another matter.)

ENFP - The Campaigner

As a well-liked, communicative, and empathetic personality type, you were always bound to be popular. Your extensive groups of friends and your sheer adaptability have caused you to be one of the most generally well-liked people in your grade. Unfortunately, your closest friends know that you can be very tiring with your ever-changing emotions and mood swings, and you may tend to get stressed easily worrying about your extensive list friends, who you care about deeply. Just relax ENFP, and keep being the energetic and enthusiastic person we all know you to be!

ISTJ - The Logistician

With famous Logisticians such as George Washington, Angela Merkel, and Hermione Granger, it’s really no wonder you guys are known for getting things done. You might have a reputation for being a teacher’s pet, but this does not bother you, because as long as you make sure everyone is playing by the rules, you feel fulfilled. Just remember ISTJ, not everyone is an enemy! If you keep processing other people’s good intentions as attempts at destroying the order you have worked so hard to build, you will find it hard to create meaningful friendships based on trust.

ISFJ - The Defender

Honestly, I am so glad you make up 13% of the world’s population. In a world filled with Social Darwinists and people who do not recycle, it is great to have ISFJ around to lighten the mood and make everybody happy. You are the type of person that would say “2 is an average grade”, then force-feed you chocolate chip cookies and give you the greatest hug you will ever receive in your lifetime. Sadly, you don’t give yourself enough credit for helping at least 20 people each day, and you quietly allow yourself to be overlooked. Stand up tall ISFJ, because with confidence comes power, and with power comes the ability to make the school (or world) a better place, which is something you must do.

ESTJ - The Executive

Unlike INFP, you have a very realistic view of how the “real world” is, and you have not let it get you down. You love it when the substitute teacher leaves you in charge of managing your classmates, because it gives you so much joy to watch a room filled with squalor and chaos turn into an ornate masterpiece of order. However, you hold yourself to incredibly high standards and want to appear to be the perfect role model at all times, which causes you to have difficulties relaxing and displaying emotion. Remember to give yourself a break from time to time to avoid spontaneous combustion, a common case amongst the ESTJ community.

ESFJ - The Consul

Step aside ENFP, because ESFJ is the recipe for the perfect best friend. You are loyal, warm, and know how to make people feel like they belong. You probably memorised every single one of your friends’ birthdays, crushes, and siblings names, while at the same time having enough information to destroy anyone who messes with your squad. As the mom of the friend group, you need to work on your compulsive need for planning out everyone’s lives and remember your own needs and goals.

ISTP - The Virtuoso

First of all, you would make a great spy. You are risk-taking, flexible, and spontaneous yet introverted and private. You are not a big fan of the school guidelines and rules, and always find ways to beat the system. Remember not to be pressured into doing stupid things to get you into trouble, because with so many uses for your incredible knowledge, it is not worth wasting your time.

ISFP - The Adventurer

ISFP, you are far from ordinary. You probably do the most extra things imaginable, and are not afraid to express yourself. Loudly. As a fountain of artistic capability, you want to be the best at what you do and can become easily stressed. Your SA blog is an intricately designed and aesthetic piece of art, yet incomprehensible to the untrained eye. Just keep being yourself and maintaining your amazing independence, because if there is one trait you truly value having, it is your quirkiness.

ESTP - The Entrepreneur

Well to start off, you really like taking risks. Ski week is your favorite time of the school year, and you’re probably that person who randomly jumps off the side of the mountain at some point, so you get a lot of injuries to say the least. You live by Nike’s slogan, Just Do It. Also, you are quite impatient (shocking, really) and tend to not “think things through” before you jump into uncharted territory. Hey, YOLO! You might want to think about your decisions before making them, and not just by having a philosophical argument with yourself (which has become a habit of yours).

ESFP - The Entertainer

Like ESTP, you live for today, and you always have the compulsive need to talk to someone. You are most likely to be a class clown and always find a way to make math class interesting (usually not involving actual math). Your Achilles heel is your short attention span, which makes most classes (English especially) quite boring. If you just work on your dedication to academics a little more, you could uncover your true potential in subjects you thought you hated!


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