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The Balls of Sweden

Classic swedish chocolate balls or as we say “Delikat boll” are a staple in Swedish culture. If

you have ever visited Sweden and taken a “FIKA” you will know what these little balls are.

They are practically mass produced and can be found in every shop around the country:

grocery stores ,bakeries, restaurants, movie theaters, clothing stores and pharmacies.


150 grams butter (room temp)

1.5 teaspoons vanilla sugar

3.5 dl oatmeal

2 dl sugar

3 tablespoons strong coffee (not powder)

1 dl grated coconut

4-5 teaspoons coco


Pearl sugar

Coconut flakes

Sugar oatmeal mix

Granulated sugar

Duration: 〜20 min


Mix the vanilla sugar, sugar, and the (room temperature) butter into a big clump. Then add the cocoa, oatmeal, and cold coffee. Use your hands to work the dough and make sure it's all mixed evenly. Take out a plate and place your garnish in it, then proceed to roll the dough into balls not too big, not too small. Put your balls in the garnishing to make sure it's evenly distributed on all of your balls. With your balls all covered, put them in the fridge to cool down.

Classic Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and pickles served with the

sweetest lingonberries.


400g mince meat

1 egg

1 small onion

85g white bread crumbs

1 tspn olive oil

2 tspn plain flour

1 handful of love

Potato mush:

Cooked potato



Duration 〜30 - 40 min

In a medium sized bowl mix the mince meat, egg, chopped onion, breadcrumbs, olive oil and flour. Add salt and pepper; make sure the meat is mixed well. After this is done, wash

your hands with cold water then we are going to move on to rolling our balls. You can either

do 12 big balls or 20 small ones. Make sure to wash your hands if they get too sticky this

should help rolling the balls. In a pan heat olive oil or butter when it's hot enough you may

add your meat balls make sure to move the balls around until each side is brown and it's

cooked all the way through. When they are done put them on a plate or foil to cool down.

Take a cooked potato and mush it down until it has an almost courage texture. Add the lingonberries and pickles and you are done!


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