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Your Guide to Economics

So You want to study economics in the uk but are not sure what that entails? Well this article is for you...

Economics is social science that is concerned with the production, distribution, and transfer of wealth, goods, and services. Economics furthers your understanding of the impact of the decisions made by the government, businesses, and the individuals within a society. A degree in Economics is very transferable and can be useful in various professions. Some of which are becoming an:

  • Economist

  • Chartered Accountant

  • Forensic Accountant

  • Data Analyst

  • Investment Analyst

  • Statistician

  • Stockbroker

Before embarking on the journey of studying economics, you need to first choose the IBDP classes that will benefit you in this degree. Almost all UK universities require HL Maths in order to be eligible to be a potential candidate for study in their degree. Universities don’t generally require HL Economics, however, if not taken, it may make you less of a competitive candidate and therefore not be given priority to attend that university. For economics, the recommended Higher Level classes are Maths, Economics, and a third class of your choice that you are passionate in and will do well in.

Below is a list of 5 UK universities and their requirements for IB students wishing to study Economics:

1. University of Oxford - Degree in Economics and Management

  • A minimum of 39/45 points is required, core point obtained from the EE and TOK are included with grades 766 at HL

  • HL Maths is required with a grade 6 or 7

  • All candidates must take the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) as a part of their application

  • Math Studies is not accepted

2. London School of Economics

  • The specific requirements for economics are not specified on the course page, however, typical offers at LSE are 37 points, with 6,6,6 at HL to 38 points with 7,6,6 at HL

  • HL Maths is best suited for this course

  • Math Studies is not accepted

3. University of Exeter

  • Typical offers range from 34-38 points with a 5 in HL Maths or a 6 in SL Maths

  • Math Studies is not accepted

4. University of Edinburgh

  • A minimum of 34 points in required, with 6,5,5 at HL

  • A typical offer ranges from 34-43 points (6,5,5 - 7,7,6)

  • HL Maths must be at 5 or a 6 in SL Maths

  • A 5 is required in SL English, there is no grade specified for if it is taken at HL

  • Math Studies is not accepted

5. University of Birmingham

  • A minimum of 32 points is required, with 6,6,6 at HL

  • Math Studies is not accepted

  • Does not specify the need for HL Maths or Economics


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