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Your Guide to Physics and Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering concerns with the working, development and advancement of aircraft and spacecraft. This field of engineering again has two majors, aeronautical and astronautical engineering. These aerospace engineers use their knowledge, education and experience to develop and advance the aircrafts to improve safety and therefore, this career plays a very important role in our lives but before opting this field do not forget that it includes a lot of hard work!

To do aerospace engineering the IB subjects that you should be taking are:

Best Recommended

HL Maths

HL Physics

HL Chemistry or any other humanities can do (however, look at the the university requirements closely)

SL English

SL Language

SL Humanities of your choice

The above universities are all ivy league colleges that need intense studying and hardwork. However, you can also get into colleges like the ones below, may not be that prestigious or distinguished but are reputable colleges. Also, do have a look at the websites of the universities above if you have the determination and want to go to any of the given universities in the list above.

Below are a list of other universities which do come under the best 30 universities not as prestigious as the universities above like already mentioned but definitely have world class engineering programs.


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