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Your Guide to Psychology

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind to understand individuals and groups through general principles.


- Psychology allows you to understand the principles of what makes people to think and behave.

- Improve your social skills → these skills are very useful in the future ( Eg. job interviews, workplace relationships, etc.)

- You will learn how to think critically.

- Job opportunities → psychologist, counsellor, teaching, advertising, career advisor, market research and etc.


HIGHER LEVEL → Taking HL Psychology and Biology will really help you in pursuing psychology in the future. If you can, it would be better for you to consider taking HL Chemistry or English as well.IB

STANDARD LEVEL → Maths ( some universities require you to take SL Maths instead of Maths studies ), second language, humanities, science...

Best recommended ;

  • Higher Level

  • Psychology

  • Biology

  • Chemistry (You can also choose another subject if you want as Chemistry would be beneficial, but not necessary)

Standard Level

  • English

  • Maths

  • Language ( French, Japanese, Spanish… )

in the uk
1.University of St. Andrews
Entrance requirements:
No specific subjects required,
IB score → 35 to 38
2.University of Cambridge
Entrance requirements:

IB score → 40 to 42, with 7,7,6 in Higher Level subjects.

  • Applicants may be required to achieve 7 in a particular subject(s), depending on individual circumstances.

  • Please note that for these purposes, Standard Level subjects will satisfy AS Level subject requirements, and Higher Level subjects will satisfy A Level subject requirements.

For more information:
3.University College London
Entrance requirements:

IB score → minimum 34, with a combined score of 16 achieved in three higher level subjects with no grade lower than 5. However, many of the programmes have higher entry requirements than this.

For more information:

Other good universities to study psychology in the UK:
  • University of Bath

  • University of Oxford

  • Loughborough University

  • Durham University

in the us

1. Stanford University

Entry Requirements

SAT range → 1450 - 1590

ACT range → 31 - 35

For more information:

2. University of California, Los Angeles

Entry Requirements

SAT range → 13700 - 1500

ACT range → 27 - 33

For more information:

Other good universities to study psychology in the US ;

  • University of California-Los Angeles

  • Washington University-St. Louis

  • Vanderbilt University

  • Princeton University


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